Blood Tests and Results




Patients will need to book their blood test appointments online by visiting Swiftqueue or by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the blood test form. Watch the user step by step guide.

Swiftqueue allows you to see live appointment availability and make a booking at a convenient time and location. This will improve patient flow, minimise wait times and reduce overcrowding. You will also be able to cancel and reschedule appointments online. There is no change to the number of blood tests that will be taken at each phlebotomy site.

If a family member is unable to book online you can do this on their behalf by adding them to your account. You can also add children under the age of 16 to your Swiftqueue account and make appointments on their behalf.

Learn more about Swiftqueue

A limited walk in service will be maintained for those who are unable to book online. Synnovis' friendly phlebotomy team are on hand to support you in making appointment or you can use a kiosk which are available in phlebotomy clinic waiting areas.


Test Results

Please telephone or call in after 2pm for any results of blood tests, x-rays etc.
All results are reviewed by the requesting GP who will then comment on next steps. You will be asked to provide personal identifiable information such as name or date of birth.

Please note that staff are not permitted to disclose any details about your test other than the GP comments.

For any queries about your test you will be asked to make arrangements to discuss with the requesting GP.

Image of patient receiving test results